Monday, August 18, 2008

Announcing Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation

Past weeks it's been a bit slow on my blog and I haven't been participating on the forums as much as I would like to.
The reason for this is that I've been pretty busy on a big project.

Jeff Paries, author of multiple books on animation and now the author of "Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation", approached me to do the technical editing of the book and the (150) projects that are used in it. I am very grateful with the opportunity Jeff has offered me and I hope he's not dissapointed with his choice.

Being a technical editor involves reading the book very thorough and testing the code, helping to solve problems, refactor code, etc. With the 150 projects in the book you can imagine this is quite time consuming, but it's also very much fun.
Jeff has selected very interesting, appealing projects and writes in a way that captures your attention and doesn't let it go. So this makes my job a lot easier :)

Visit the website of Jeff Paries for the announcement

Preorder the book on Amazon

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