Sunday, August 15, 2010

SLSharpZipLib for Silverlight 3, 4 and Windows Phone 7

Since the initial port of the SharpZipLib library I wasn't able to invest any more time in the development of the library.
A while ago I was contacted by Sky Sanders who offered to do some further development on the library. I didn't hear much of his progress until a while ago when he informed me he did a complete re-port of the 0860 source complete with the tests both as NUnit and as well as Silverlight browser tests against Isolated Storage.

There are now 3 builds available, one for Silverlight 3, one for Silverlight 4 and one for Windows Phone 7. While the SL3 and Windows Phone 7 versions are mostly interchangeable, the SL4 version is different because of a breaking change in System.IO system enumeration methods.

All kudos to Sky for realising this new port!

You can download the library here: