Thursday, April 3, 2008

Panoramic view using texture mapping in Silverlight 2

My colleague Martijn Croezen created an awesome panoramic view with Silverlight 2 beta 1. Because he's a Flash developer with little .NET experience, I tried to help him out a bit with C# syntax and Silverlight objects, etc.

He used texture mapping to create the effect of a panoramic view using the inside of a cube to project the photo's on.
After trying to create this in Silverlight 1.1 alpha he found out there was a bug in the implementation of the matrix, so we were stuck.
With the release of Silverlight 2 beta 1 we decided to give it another go and the problem with the matrix seemed to be resolved.

One issue we still have is that Silverlight uses anti-aliasing which cannot be disabled. Therefore the edges of the images are "blurred" and the triangles used for the texture mapping are still visible (white lines).

Visit the weblog of Martijn Croezen for an in-depth description

View the demo here

Download the (non-optimized/version 1) sourcecode here


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  2. Hello,

    Pressing + or - doesn't work on Firefox 3. I'm using Silverlight beta2, Firefox 3 and Windows Vista Home Premium.


  3. Sorry. I wrote the previous comment but I forget to add my name and link. :)